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Forever Connected

From Brianna Provoast, Every Child Program Coordinator and foster/adoptive parent

Our first little and our 5th the same place, at the same time.

I honestly wasn’t sure if we would have this day. Let me take you back for a second.

Almost two years ago, little man was reunified with his mom and siblings and left our home after being with us for just shy of one year.

At this point, we were told we couldn’t have any contact with him, and I experienced the darkest and deepest pain and grief. He was our family, and knowing he was out there, but I couldn’t see him or talk to him, was the worst pain.

We continued to pray for him and his siblings and mom. We truly wanted (and still want) the best for them. We prayed that we would be able to see him one day, and we also came to a place in our hearts where we felt ok (still sad, but ok) if that didn’t happen.

And then I got a phone call.

We were told that bio mom reached out to our CASA (court-appointed special advocates) and said she’s been thinking about letting little man see us because (get this) after two years, he’s still talking about us and especially wants to see Sam because he’s the only dad he knows. TWO YEARS!!

We exchanged phone numbers, and there we were, two mamas who didn’t speak to each other previously, texting about the same little boy we both love.

Today, we picked him and his brother up for a play day. We were all nervous and excited, and everyone had a great time. He played the music box (piano) with baby girl, and I could have cried. This picture embodies so many emotions.

Today, I buckled him in and took him to his mama's house.

Today, I hugged his mama.

Today, doors were opened.

Today, healing in hearts began.

Before I left, his mom told me that I could text her whenever we wanted to see him. I am so dang proud of her. She has fought hard for this, and I know this was tough for her, but she cares for her son and his little heart.

Where doors were shut, locked, sealed, today they were opened. The cobwebs brushed off, and a new light let in—beauty from ashes.

Even though this happened two years ago, we’re still texting with his mama, going to his games, and advocating for both of them in legal matters. Our hearts will forever be connected. )

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