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May is Foster Parent Appreciation Month!

Let's give a big shout out to all the foster families out there! This month, we want to thank foster parents for their extraordinary work, providing a safe and loving home to children in need.

Being a foster parent is not an easy task; it requires dedication, patience, and a big heart. Foster parents take in children from difficult backgrounds, provide them with stability and love, and help them navigate through some of the most challenging times in their lives. They open their homes and hearts to children who are not their own and create a safe space for them to thrive.

Foster parents come from different backgrounds and have diverse motivations for fostering, but they all share one thing in common: they want to make a difference in the lives of children who need care and protection. They are true superheroes, providing children with the essential care and support to heal and grow.

Foster Parent Appreciation Month is a time to acknowledge foster parents' incredible work and thank them for all they do. It's an opportunity to show our gratitude for their unwavering dedication and selflessness. Without foster parents, thousands of children would be left without a loving and safe home, and it's important that we recognize and appreciate their efforts.

If you know a foster parent, take the time to thank them for their work and let them know that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Or consider volunteering your time to help support foster families in your community with a foster care support organization (like REACH Northwest!) or reach out personally with an act of kindness, service, or meal.

Foster Parent Appreciation Month reminds us that we all have a role in providing care and support to children in need. Everyone can do something. Now is the time to come together as a community and show our gratitude and appreciation for those who make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

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