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My NeighbOR - We Can't Do This Work Without You!

By Brianna Provoast, Every Child Program Coordinator

Every Child Yamhill and Polk Counties have both been experiencing a significant influx in emergency requests to support children coming into foster care. In September, 10 requests were submitted to My NeighbOR in just one hour. Thanks to our amazing community supporters, almost $1,500 worth of donations came in within 24 hours to help fulfill these requests. Wow!!

Despite what you might be hearing, children are still coming into foster care at a steady rate. At the same time, we have seen a significant amount of children being reunited with their birth families. Many of these requests have been for children who are about to return or who have recently returned. Being able to help support a birth parent with items to safely parent their child(ren) not only gives them hope and the child the necessary items they need, but it also gives our community members a tangible way to help be the bridge in supporting our local vulnerable families.

We recently had a sibling set of 3 come into care, and through the efforts of many to help get the word out, these children were placed in a home together. Again, because of our community supporters, the children were able to receive clothing, shoes, and other items to help with this new transition.

As we continue to see needs arise, it’s more important than ever to first say THANK YOU to our supporters who have given gift cards, donations, and tangible items, and those who have made deliveries. We cannot operate without you and we appreciate you so much. Because we cannot operate without you, we invite you to become a volunteer with us, get on our email list when needs are sent out, and become a donor. Your support is truly making an impact on the lives of local children in foster care, those who are caring for them, and families who are reunifying with them.

For more information on how you can get involved and help the foster community, email us at

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